Converting Classic Cars to 100% Electric Power

A Perfect Harmony of Heritage and 21st Century Technology.

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The Future of Classic Cars is Green.

At Electric Car Converts we have a passion for using modern electric vehicle technology to give classic cars a new beginning.

We want to create a cleaner, greener world for future generations, without compromising on style. 



The beauty of classic cars will never be replaced, but in order to use these magnificent vehicles reliably, it's time they're electrified.

Not only does a car become green, it also becomes reliable. You won't pay for fuel, road tax, congestion charges, nor maintenance and servicing. Forget smoke, fumes and noise - you can glide around town guilt free.



Firstly, we talk to you about your requirements:

Range? Performance? Price?

Then comes the vehicle, have you got one or would you like us to source one for you?

Once we've got a scope we bring the car into our workshop and remove all of the dirty, oily and smelly parts.

With a tidy engine bay to work with we fabricate battery boxes and mounts and work out where each component will fit.

Then, the installation. We secure everything in place and wire it all together, with neatness and workmanship our priority.

The drive software is optimised for your car and we run vigorous testing to ensure everything is working as it should.

We ring you up, arrange a collection date and enjoy your ear to ear grin!

I'm a Convert. Let's Get Started.

Tell us your ideas and we will be in touch to build your dream electric car.

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