We Electrify Land Rovers.

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1949 – 2016

We’re Electric Car Converts

The UK’s Leading Land Rover Electric Conversion Specialists.

With 25+ Land Rovers Converted so Far.

We re-engineer and re-purpose the technology found in modern electric vehicles and apply it to Land Rover Defenders, Range Rover Classics and older Series vehicles. What results are Land Rovers you know and love, but redefined underneath, now sustainable, capable and exciting in a society shifting towards emission-free driving.

We’ve put 1000’s of hours into refining our range of electric Land Rover conversion systems. By focusing our research and development on Land Rovers we’ve been able to perfect a solution for any requirement. Whether it’s a 300 horsepower, long-range Defender or a Series 2a to pop to the shops in, if you can imagine it, we can build it.

Available as UK in-house builds or kits shipped worldwide, our systems start at £50,000.

Land Rover Defender

Land Rover

1999 Defender 90 TD5
Land Rover Series 3

Land Rover

1988 Defender 90 V8
Land Rover Defender

Range Rover Classic

1991 4-Door
Land Rover Series 3

Range Rover Classic

1984 2-Door

Land Rover

1971 Series IIa
Land rover series 1<br />

Land Rover

1951 Series I 80″
What is an electric car conversion?

An electric car conversion is the process of replacing the powertrain in a car from a fuel to electricity. So a car which used to run on petrol or diesel has had its combustion engine and related components replaced with an electric motor and batteries, resulting in a fully-electric vehicle.

Can I convert my classic car to electric?

Not only can you convert your classic car to electric, we highly recommend it! By applying modern EV technology to a car you know and love, you’ll extend your car’s useful lifespan. You’ll enjoy sustainable, green driving, but in a car with character and style.

How much does an electric car conversion cost?

The cost of an electric car conversion varies depending on the exact specification that you require, the biggest cost variants are power and range. 

We’ve spent 1000s of hours converting Land Rovers, which means we’ve refined our product into a repeatable EV conversion kit, which means the cost is reduced drastically. In fact we offer the cheapest Land Rover EV conversion options in the world.

Our Land Rover EV conversions are £50,000 for 300 horsepower and 150 miles of range, or £73,500 for 300 horsepower and 300 miles of range. More details can be found on our pricing page. 

Should you convert a classic car to electric?

We believe converting a classic car or Land Rover to electric is the best investment you can make in it. Firstly, you can enjoy guilt-free driving, knowing that your treasured vehicle is no longer contributing to harmful emissions every time you pop to the shops. But also, your classic car will get a whole new lease of life. Classic cars and Land Rovers deserve to be seen and all too often, owners store their heritage motors away for fear of devaluing them. With an electric powertrain, not only will you get a car that’s better able to cope with the demands of modern roadways, but you will certainly also increase its value. 

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