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Electric Car Converts take remarkable Classic Land Rover cars and convert them to 100% electric power, creating the perfect harmony of heritage and 21st century technology. Land Rover conversions are a new concept and modern technology is making it cheaper, easier and more accessible every day. Throughout this series we will be answering all of your questions about EV’s, Land Rover conversions, type of classic Land Rovers, Land Rover conversion kits, technical explanations, Tesla power and more!

We’re experts, and want to share the love!

But first, let us set the scene.

We have a passion and expertise in modern electric vehicle technology and aim to use this to help create a cleaner, greener world for future generations. Astonishingly, 24% of global greenhouse emissions come from internal combustion engines, so it is promising that in the last year alone the number of 100% electric vehicles on UK roads has doubled. With this exponential growth we have seen astonishing innovation, infrastructure developments and technological advancements – this has ultimately made electric vehicles financially viable.

At Electric Car Converts we also have a passion for classic and remarkable cars, we believe that their charm, charisma and history is something that should be cherished. Yet the usability of these fantastic vehicles is significantly hindered by inherent reliability, efficiency and maintenance issues.

We do not need to throw away our old cars, we need to recycle them.

It is more cost effective and environmentally effective to convert our existing cars. By converting some of the well loved classics such as Land Rovers, Mercedes, MG’s, VW’s and Porsches to Tesla battery power we will give them a new lease of life to be enjoyed for decades to come.

So what does this mean for you?

Perhaps you’re interested in a Land Rover conversion, or specifically, a Defender electric conversion? Maybe you want to give an EV conversion kit a go and need some pointers? Do you want to learn about range, horsepower, charge time or performance? Or maybe you’re just an avid lover of electric vehicles and want to see how we use it?

Sound like you? Then keep an eye out, if it’s EV or classic cars we cover it.

See you in there!

Barnaby Birkbeck

The proud owner of Electric Car Converts

If you would like to discuss the conversion of your Land Rover, would like to buy a converted car or want to chat through the process, don’t hesitate to get in touch! Please bear in mind that from 2024, we exclusively convert Land Rovers.

Reviewed by Barnaby Birkbeck (Founder) & Toby Wilson (Head Electrical Engineer), in 2024.

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