Founder & CEO

Barnaby Birkbeck


Professional Background 

Barnaby is a visionary and the driving force behind Electric Car Converts. Having a profound commitment to innovation and sustainable solutions, he set out on the journey of electric vehicle conversions after facing the constant challenges of maintaining his 80’s Land Rover Defender.

His decision to convert it to electric power in his garage made him realise that it was a fantastic solution to perpetual Defender engine problems, and this marked the inception of Electric Car Converts as we know it! 

Currently at the helm of the company, Barnaby manages the day-to-day operations of his engineering team, engages with clients and suppliers and oversees wiring loom design and software.  

With a track record of successfully converting more than 22 cars over two years, Barnaby and his team of engineers maintain a steadfast focus on remaining at the forefront of industry trends, showing a strong dedication to learning and growth as well as new technology available.

Barnaby’s lifelong passion for Land Rovers is evident in his extensive experience rebuilding Defenders and Series Landys from a young age. This Land Rover interest coupled with his software and technology experience gained in a previous role with Microsoft laid the foundations for his leap into electric vehicle conversions, driven by a desire for reliability and environmental sustainability. 

Personal Interests 

During his off-hours, which are of course few and far between, Barnaby is an avid lover of the ocean and is often found kitesurfing or sailing, which formed part of his previous life as a watersports instructor on Sir Richard Branson’s private island. Now he enjoys the less glamorous conditions of Southern England but still has just as much fun. One day he hopes to convert a small sailing yacht to electric power and sail it around the world.