Founder & CEO

Barnaby Birkbeck

       A big dreamer, Barnaby is the entrepreneur behind the creation of ECC. After growing tired of continually repairing and rebuilding the diesel in his 80’s Land Rover Defender, he converted it to electric in his garage at home. From the moment it first rolled out the driveway, the business was born.

       Now with a team around him, Barnaby runs the day to day of the company. Whether that be talking to prospective clients about potential conversion solutions, creating marketing content or crunching the numbers, Barnaby has plenty to do on his laptop – but that’s not where he wants to be.

       Barnaby is happiest in his role as our electrical engineer, knowing his way around 100 wire wiring diagrams, dealing with 100’s of volts in “big fat” HV cable and the computer systems that our cars run off.