Jeep Wrangler


1999 Wrangler


£28,000 to £46,000

This exact car was £37,500.

       Living down in the depths of Cornwall, this Jeep is the most fun way to head down to the beach – you can imagine it in the height of summer with the roof folded back! The car came to us and had an exterior spruce up before being electrified. It’s been resprayed, has rejuvenated trim and a new canvas roof, making it look brand new. It’s owner went with the long range option of 10 Tesla batteries on the electrification front, meaning this is more than just a town run about, it’s now used to find the best hidden beaches across the South-West. Maintaining the original gearbox, 4wd systems and off-road gear ratios, it’s even more competent off-road than ever before. 

Acceleration (0-60)

13 Seconds


120 Horsepower


150 Miles

Range Rover




Electric ConversionOriginal Petrol Engine
Power120 Horsepower116 Horsepower
Acceleration (0-60mph)13 Seconds14 Seconds
Emissions03.2 Tonnes of CO2 per annum
Charging7kWh AC Charging
Range150 Miles


  • Specialist EV conversion motor, the Netgain Hyper9, mounted to the original 5-speed manual gearbox.
  • Original clutch and flywheel maintained, allowing for gear changes if desired.
  • City/countryside driving uses 3rd gear exclusively, A-Road/motorway driving uses 4th gear.

Battery Pack:

  • 53kWh of Tesla Model S batteries used, this consists of 10 modules.
  • Six battery modules are mounted under the bonnet and the remaining four are mounted in the rear, where the fuel tank was. 
  • Batteries are wired in two series loops which are paralleled together, producing 120 volts.
  • Entire battery pack is water cooled and monitored using state of the art battery management systems.


  • Charging is possible from any EV charge point, as well as from a 3-pin plug at home.
  • Standard AC charging allows for an 8 hour full charge.
  • Charging from a 3-pin plug allows for a 18 hour full charge.

Further Information:

  • Regenerative braking input controlled by brake pedal.
  • 3kW heater provides cabin heating through original ducting.
  • Fully reversible powertrain design.
  • Built: Q4 2022
Land Rover Conversion
Land Rover Conversion
Land Rover Conversion
Land Rover Conversion
Land Rover Conversion