Defender 110 Pair

Defender 110 Pair

2006 and 2011 Pumas


These cars were £50,000 each.

Built Q2 2024.

This pair of Land Rover Defenders were sourced by us and then made into electric vehicles for a business in the UK Midlands. They are a conservation project with an attached hotel and estate. One of the vehicles is for guests to explore the grounds in, the other is for work, towing and employee transport. It would be impossible for the estate to be truly a conservation project whilst driving around in such poluting vehicles, hence the swap to electric. The vehicles were built to an identical specification in our workshop in Sussex. 

Acceleration (0-60)

6 Seconds


280 Horsepower


150 Miles

Range Rover

Land Rover Defender

Long wheel base pick up and crew cab



Electric ConversionOriginal Diesel Engine
Power280 Horsepower120 Horsepower
Acceleration (0-60mph)6 Seconds16 Seconds
Emissions04.5 Tonnes of CO2 per annum
ChargingCombined AC and DC Charging
Range150 Miles


  • A Tesla Model 3 motor is longitudinally mounted in the gearbox tunnel, sending drive to front and rear differentials which maintains constant four-wheel drive. These motors are up to 280 horsepower and eliminate the need for an original gearbox or transfer box.
  • The Tesla motor is completely rebuilt with new internal gear sets, bearings and oil, a new limited slip differential, output shafts and an Ingenext control system.
  • Although unavailable new, using the Tesla Model 3 motor gives us complete confidence in reliability and engineering design from the leading OEM electric vehicle manufacturer. We no longer use the Tesla Model S motor due to far inferior efficiency and reliability, as well as being a far older design.
  • The control system is built by Ingenext in Canada and allows for connection to a mobile app to adjust power modes and throttle sensitivity.

Battery Pack:

  • 55kWh of brand new S-Volt (European) batteries are mounted in an engine bay mounted Universal Battery Pack, manufactured by Fellten in Bristol, UK.
  • Fellten are clear market leaders in EV battery pack technology. They produce high numbers of OEM quality battery systems which are shipped worldwide and conform to various regional regulations and standards.
  • By utilising the Fellten Universal Battery Pack we can offer a very high quality, robust battery system backed by a 3-year manufacturer warranty, this would be very complex to produce in-house. More information is available on their website.
  • Batteries run at 400 volts, are water cooled and monitored using state of the art battery management systems and safety software, built into the battery box and managed solely by the Fellten software team.


  • Charging is possible from any EV charge point, as well as from a 3-pin plug at home, both Type 2 (Europe) and Type 1 (USA) sockets are available.
  • Super fast DC charging allows for a 45 minute full charge, with a 0-80% time of around 25 minutes. This is only available from CCS public charge points such as those at service stations and petrol stations.
  • Standard AC charging allows for an 8 hour full charge, these chargers can be installed at home or are often found in carparks or on lamp posts.

Further Information:

  • Steering as standard has been upgraded to electric hydraulic power steering.
  • Gauges have been swapped for custom made dials, showing speed, current, temperature, and state of charge.
  • A 3kW heater provides cabin heating through original ducting.
Land Rover Conversion
Land Rover Conversion
Land Rover Conversion
Land Rover Conversion
Land Rover Conversion
Land Rover Conversion