Electric Land Rover Specifications


Conversion System Specifications:

        At Electric Car Converts we are the clear market leaders for end to end Land Rover electric conversion systems, not just in the UK, but worldwide. To date, our team has carried out more than 25 Land Rover EV conversions.

      We are known for our fast turnaround times, reasonable cost and OEM level quality. Our Land Rover conversion systems are available for all Series, Defender and Range Rover Classics as either an in-house conversion at our East Sussex, UK facility, or as a bolt-in, plug-in conversion kit shipped worldwide.

The following document outlines
specifications and pricing:

Barnaby Birkbeck

Primary Battery Pack

Fellten 55kWh UBP-55E:

– Designed and Manufactured by Fellten UK
– OEM Quality and Build Standards
– Allows for a 150 Mile Vehicle Range
– S-Volt European Battery Modules
– Engine Bay Mounted
– State of the Art Orion2 Battery Management
– Built-In Combined Charging System
– Advanced Safety Systems
– 3mm Steel Structure
– IP67 Waterproof
– R100.1 EU Regulation Compliant
– 3-year Manufacturer Warranty

Optional Secondary Battery Pack

Fellten Seatbox Upgrade to 110kWh:

– Designed and Manufactured by Fellten UK
– Allows for a 300 Mile Vehicle Range
– Identical Internally as Primary Battery Pack
– Replaces Defender Front Seat Box Entirely
– Only Available in Defenders

Drive System

Tesla Model 3 Drive Unit:

– 282 Horsepower
– 0-60 mph in 5.2 seconds
– Fully Refurbished
– Re-geared to 2.54:1
– 4-Wheel Drive Maintained
– Drives Differentials Directly
– Smartphone App System Monitoring
– Adjustable Power/Regenerative Braking
– Controlled by the Ingenixt Motor Controller

Charging System

7kW AC + 70kW DC Rapid Charging System:

– Charge at any mainstream charging stations in Europe or North America.
– Charge at home on a regular domestic socket.
– Vehicle to load capable, allowing for 110V/240V AC power output.
– Built in DCDC to charge and maintain 12V vehicle systems.


Charging Times:
55 kWh Battery Pack110 kWh Battery Pack
DC Rapid Charging Station30 Minutes1 Hour
7kW EV Charger8 Hours16 Hours
Regular Home Socket18 Hours36 Hours


Our pricing is 100% transparent and is on a fixed cost model, there will be no unexpected cost increases during your conversion. Pricing is the same for in-house conversions and kits. If applicable for UK customers, VAT will be added.

55kWh Tesla Model 3 Motor:
All inclusive Price: £50,000

110kWh Tesla Model 3 Motor:
All inclusive Price: £73,500

Included as Standard

– All Conversion Parts and Labour
– Power Assisted Steering (Hydraulic)
– High Voltage Heating
– Full Gauge Cluster
– Ongoing Post Conversion Support

Optional Extras

– Upgraded Power Assisted Steering (Electric)          £2,000
– Limited Slip Tesla Motor Differential                         £2,000
– Electronic Push Button Handbrake                           £1,500
– Diagnostics Laptop and Software                             £200
– Air-Conditioning                                                        POA
– Non-Conversion Labour (interior, mechanical etc)  £80/hr
– Vehicle Collection and Return (UK)                           £1.50/mile
– Kit Worldwide Shipping Estimate                              £1500

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