Volkswagen T2 Camper


1971 T2 Campervan


£28,000 to £46,000

This exact car was £37,500.

Built Q1 2023


       This T2 Campervan has been carefully looked after for over 15 years by its pop-star owner. It’s immaculate both inside and out and is enjoyed for regular day camping trips to the countryside surrounding London. Unfortunately, its air-cooled engine became unreliable as fuel additives changed over the years, particularly the latest E10 petrol. It’s now not got that problem, with a large Tesla battery pack and an electric motor, camping is now emission-free.

Acceleration (0-60)

12 Seconds


120 Horsepower


150 Miles

Range Rover


T2 Campervan


Electric ConversionOriginal Petrol Engine
Power120 Horsepower60 Horsepower
Acceleration (0-60mph)14 Seconds50 Seconds
Emissions03.7 Tonnes of CO2 per annum
Charging6.6kW AC Charging
Range150 Miles


  • Specialist EV conversion motor, the Netgain Hyper9, mounted to the original 4-speed manual gearbox.
  • Original clutch and flywheel maintained, allowing for gear changes if desired.
  • City/countryside driving uses 3rd gear exclusively, A-Road/motorway driving uses 4th gear.

Battery Pack:

  • 53kWh of Tesla Model S batteries used, this consists of 10 modules.
  • Four battery modules mounted under the bed and six modules mounted in the rear (where the fuel tank was).
  • Batteries are wired in two series loops which are paralleled together, producing 120 volts.
  • Entire battery pack is water cooled and monitored using state of the art battery management systems.


  • Charging is possible from any EV charge point, as well as from a 3-pin plug at home.
  • Standard AC charging allows for an 8 hour full charge.
  • Charging from a 3-pin plug allows for a 18 hour full charge.

Further Information:

  • Regenerative braking input controlled by brake pedal.
  • Gauges swapped for custom made period dials, showing speed, current, temperature, and state of charge.
  • 3kW heater provides cabin heating through original ducting.
  • Fully reversible powertrain design.
  • Leisure battery charged by traction battery pack.
  • Built: Q1 2023
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