Electric Car Conversions in Buckinghamshire

Convert Your Classic Car to Electric in Buckinghamshire 

Home to the breathtaking Chiltern Hills Area of Outstanding National Beauty, Buckinghamshire is a classic car enthusiast’s dream. Picturesque landscapes, charming towns, and historic homes like Waddesdon Manor, combine to give Buckinghamshire its unique characteristics, which are perfect for driving adventures.

Boasting a vibrant cultural scene and outstanding transport links to London, Buckinghamshire has always been an attractive place to live and work. Cutting your vehicle emissions by making the switch to electric will help to preserve the beauty of this stunning neck of the woods. 

The launch of Buckinghamshire Council’s ambitious 5-year Action Plan to transition the county to electric vehicles (EVs) will see significant EV infrastructure investment, including more than 1,000 publicly-available charging spaces by 2027. There’s never been a more opportune time to convert your classic car to electric. 

Classic Car Conversions & EV Conversion Kits Near You

Imagine driving through the rolling open countryside of Buckinghamshire on a beautiful summer’s day, with the top down on your classic car and the wind whistling through your hair. Now reimagine that drive completely guilt-free in your clean, green electric car. With classic car electric conversions, you can do just that. 

Electric car conversions are a more affordable way to modernise your vintage vehicle without detracting from its classic vibe. If you have the electrics know-how, you could attempt the conversion yourself with an EV conversion kit though it’s not recommended. Classic car electric conversions take specialist knowledge of both EVs and heritage vehicles. 

A classic car conversion specialist like Electric Car Converts can help you to source the EV conversion kit for your marque and take care of the fine details of the conversion process. 

The EV Conversion Process

Before you convert your classic car to electric, you’ll need to determine if it’s suitable for conversion. Most cars can be converted to electric, but you’ll need to carefully assess whether you have enough space to house the battery and motor. You’ll also need to consider whether the chassis is robust enough to support the weight of the battery, yet light enough to perform well.

In a classic car conversion, the engine is removed and replaced by an electric motor. This also involves removing all the associated parts, such as the fuel tank (which you’ll no longer need), the exhaust system, and the cooling system. 

The electric motor will need to be securely housed in your car, which means that a battery system box and mounts need to be fabricated and fitted to your car chassis. Once everything has been positioned correctly, the components are wired together. 

An engineer then optimises the drive software and thorough testing is conducted to ensure your car is roadworthy. 

But, that’s not the end of the process. In the UK, your classic car must be reregistered via the vehicle registration pages on the GOV.uk website.

Though the EV conversion process is highly technical, it’s well worth it when you tot up the costs of converting, say, a classic Land Rover to electric vs the £100,000 price tag of a brand-new EV Land Rover.  

A Conversion Process by Trusted Experts 

At Electric Car Converts, we’re car enthusiasts first and foremost. We bring together an expert engineering team and combine that knowledge with our passion for vintage vehicles. Our first classic car EV conversion was our founder’s 80s Land Rover Defender!

We’ve gotten the electric car conversion process down to a fine art, having created three main solutions which we can lift and drop to retrofit almost any classic car. We modernise your car without detracting from its overall look or feel. Plus, we’re big believers in reusing as much of your car as possible. For example, we’ll leave the original gearbox in as it’s a more energy and cost-efficient way of getting electricity to the wheels. 

Leverage our expertise to convert your old car to electric, so you can continue enjoying your classic car for many more years to come.

Arrange an Electric Car Conversion in Buckinghamshire

Join the electric revolution and get in touch with our friendly team at Electric Car Converts. Based in East Sussex, we can tailor an electric classic car to suit your needs and work across all the home counties, including Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, and Kent. 

Get in touch to discuss your classic car electric conversion project and we can help you turn your dream into a reality.