Electric Car Conversions in Kent

Convert Your Classic Car into an Electric Vehicle in Kent

Picture-perfect Kent has been known as the “Garden of England” since Henry VIII’s day. England’s most south-eastern county is full of beautiful contrasts, with its iconic white cliffs stretching along the coastline, acres of orchards and hop gardens, and expansive green countryside. It’s the perfect backdrop for long, scenic drives in your classic car.

 In fact, we think there are only two things better than indulging in a leisurely drive through Kent’s diverse landscapes. One is a 100% guilt-free drive in an EV. Even better is a zero-emission drive in your classic car EV conversion. 

 Like much of the UK, Kent’s authorities are busy preparing for 2030, when a ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars kicks in. Kent County Council’s electric car strategy focuses on improving the EV infrastructure to give residents the confidence to go electric. Partnering with Connect Kerb, Kent County Council aims to roll out 600 new EV charge points over the next two years. The ambitious scheme will ensure that rural locations in Kent are not forgotten and plans are in place to install 40 charge points in potential charging “blackspots”. 

 From here on in, the EV charging infrastructure will continue to grow stronger, allowing you to explore all across the county. In short, there’s never been a better time to make the leap and convert your classic car to electric. 

Explore Electric Conversion Kits and Classic Car Conversions

Undertaking a classic car electric conversion is an exciting prospect. Imagine taking a vintage Land Rover and lovingly restoring it to its former glory. Smoothing out the bodywork. Adding a fresh coat of paint. Replacing worn-out parts. Now imagine going a step further and giving your classic Land Rover a modern twist with an electric conversion.

 Incorporating an electric car conversion into your restoration project can add significant value to your classic car and can be a more budget-friendly way of making the transition to electric. To transform your trusty vehicle into an electric classic car, you can go down one of two routes: a fully bespoke conversion or the installation of an electric conversion kit. 

 Whichever route you choose, you’ll need to enlist the help of a specialist electric car conversion company, like Electric Car Converts. They’ll have the expertise to remove the superfluous components to make room for the battery, take care of all the wiring, and conduct thorough testing to ensure your car is roadworthy. 

Experts Converting Cars to Electric Power in Kent

A classic car is more than a mode of transport. It’s a moving piece of history that should be treated with respect. That’s why classic car electric conversions should be undertaken by experts who understand the delicacy of handling a classic as well as the technicalities of electrification. 

 At Electric Car Converts, we’ve completed multiple classic car EV conversions. Each conversion has been unique and tailored to suit the owner’s needs, resulting in an efficient, reliable classic car that will be loved for years to come. We manage the entire restoration, from a new roof or authentic interior to replacing the engine with a powerful new battery. 

 Some of our most memorable conversions include a 1951 Series 1 80” Land Rover. By converting the aged car to electric, we helped to rescue it from 20 years of neglect. 

Advantages of Shifting to Electric Vehicles

Deciding to convert your old car to electric helps to breathe new life into your heritage vehicle. EV batteries deliver performances comparable to petrol and diesel engines. In many cases, you’ll get a superior drive – rapid acceleration, increased torque, and a whisper-quiet motor. 

 Removing the engine strips out several moving parts from your classic car, helping to reduce your car’s maintenance needs (and expenses!). You won’t only save money on the maintenance costs, though. 

 EVs simply make financial sense. They can be cheaper to run, especially if you get your electricity from a renewable energy source. Until 2025, electric car owners are not required to pay for road tax. Plus, classic electric car conversions won’t need to pay low-emission charges – useful to know if you regularly cross the county line to drive through London’s ULEZ. 

 From an environmental perspective, classic EVs release zero CO2 emissions, which helps improve air quality across the county.

Schedule Your Electric Car Conversion in Kent 

At Electric Car Converts, we believe that electrified transport is the future, but more than anything we believe that classic cars deserve to be kept on Britain’s roads for as long as possible. Based in East Sussex, we’re ideally located to undertake classic car electric conversions across the home counties including Kent, Buckinghamshire, and Essex. Don’t delay, give us a call to schedule your conversion.