Electric Car Conversions in Surrey

Convert Your Classic Car to Electric in Surrey

Unspoilt and inspirational. Just two words often used to describe scenic Surrey. More than a quarter of the county is covered by the sprawling Surrey Hills, one of the UK’s designated Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. From the chalk downs to stunning vineyards, you’re never far away from a pretty point of interest. 


Surrey’s transport links are enviable. It’s around an hour away from London by car and enjoys easy access to the south coast. Spend an hour or two in Surrey, and you’ll soon realise why some of Britain’s favourite authors, like Jane Austen and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, favoured this charismatic corner of South East England. Hopping into a classic Land Rover is the perfect way to explore these iconic sites.


Only one thing can improve driving your treasured classic around Surrey. Driving a fully electric classic Land Rover Series. 


Surrey County Council’s “Electric Vehicle Strategy” will make it more compelling than ever to go electric. Since 2018, the Council has been committed to combatting drivers’ lack of confidence in the EV infrastructure. In the previous two years, over 100 EV charge points have been installed in Surrey and early in 2023, the Council announced its partnership with Connected Kerb, which will see 10,000 more charge points in place by 2030. 


The county’s EV infrastructure will go from strength to strength. There’s never been a better time to convert your classic Land Rover to electric and support the EV revolution. 

Explore Our Conversion Services

Converting a Land Rover from a classic combustion engine to an electric vehicle has its challenges. There are some essential considerations, such as how you plan to use your vehicle. Your lifestyle will affect the size of the battery you’ll need. Do you predominantly zip around the city or do you enjoy long leisurely drives cross-country? 


Once you’ve settled on your desired range, there’s still the matter of electrifying your classic Landy without negatively impacting it. That’s where working with an electric car conversion company, with a specialism in classic cars, pays dividends. 


At Electric Car Converts, we offer two key conversion services:

  • A full bespoke conversion, tailored to your car
  • Supply and installation of an EV conversion kit designed for your car


We’re proud to have put multiple electric classic Land Rovers on the road, including several show-stopping heritage Land Rover electric conversions. It means we can provide prefabricated EV conversion kits for all our previously converted marques, making the classic Land Rover EV conversion process more efficient and wallet-friendly. 

The EV Conversion Experts

Our engineering team are all classic car, especially classic Land Rover Defender & Series enthusiasts. We understand that your car is more than a mode of transport. It’s an investment and a way of life. 


We leverage that understanding to modernise your vintage vehicle without detracting from its overall vibe or authenticity. When you choose Electric Car Converts, you’ll benefit from a hassle-free Land Rover electric conversion covering every aspect of a traditional restoration right up to the engine replacement. 


You’ll leave our garage confident that your electric Landy is roadworthy, high-performing and future-proof. 


Why Switch to Electric Power?

Deciding to convert your old car to electric comes with many benefits, not least that you’re getting more mileage out of your preloved classic rather than opting for a new EV. 


EVs, old or new, are more eco-friendly than their fuel-guzzling counterparts. Driving around in your newly converted classic Land Rover EV reduces greenhouse gas and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions from the vehicle exhaust. You can sink back in your vinyl, safe in the knowledge that you’ve helped improve local air quality. 


It’s not only the environment that wins. The financially savvy will appreciate that electric car conversions save you money over the long term. Day-to-day, EVs have been shown to be cheaper to run, and you’re no longer affected by spiralling petrol pump prices. Using a renewable energy source or switching to an EV-focused electricity tariff can boost your cost savings further. 


EVs tend to be lower maintenance than fossil fuel cars, due to having fewer moving parts. Your battery should also come with a relatively long warranty, providing you with added reassurance in case something does go wrong. All EVs, converted or otherwise, are currently eligible for zero annual road tax. 

Convert Your Classic Car to Electric in Surrey

If you’re ready to dive into an electric Land Rover conversion project, then get in touch with us at Electric Car Converts. Our expert team is ready and waiting to guide you through a conversion tailor-made to your car and needs, and being just over in East Sussex, we’re ideally situated to support classic car conversions across Surrey and the home counties.