Electric Car Conversions in Sussex

Convert Your Classic Car to Electric in Sussex

140 miles of coastline meet acres and acres of lush, green countryside in the diverse county of Sussex. There’s plenty to explore when you live or visit Sussex, from the medieval landscape of the High Weald to the newest of the UK’s national parks, South Downs National Park. Consisting of East and West Sussex, this lovely corner of the country is rich with stately homes and picture-perfect castles, landscaped gardens, and two Areas of Outstanding National Beauty. 

One of the best ways to explore Sussex is in your classic car. Trust us, there’s no better feeling than roaming the charming countryside in a heritage Land Rover! Except in a Land Rover electric conversion, knowing that you’re driving clean and green in your classic beauty. 

Whichever vintage vehicle you own, there’s no better time to partake in a classic car electric conversion. West Sussex has already announced its “Electric Vehicle Strategy”, aiming for 70% of all new cars in the county to be electric in 2030 and committing to putting in place the infrastructure needed. East Sussex isn’t far behind. 

Rather than buy a brand-new EV, converting your favourite classic car to electric offers a practical alternative that allows you to prolong your car’s useful life. 

EV Conversion Kits & Classic Car Conversions Near You

When you’re thinking about how to convert your classic car to electric, proximity will almost certainly be a crucial factor. Vintage vehicles should be driven with care and the last thing you’ll want to do is to add unnecessary mileage to the clock. That’s where Electric Car Converts can help!

Based in East Sussex, we’re located right in your back garden and equipped to undertake classic car conversions right across the South East of England. We offer a range of tailored solutions that will leave you with a high-performing electric classic car. 

Some people opt for an EV conversion kit that’s custom-made to fit their car make and model. At Electric Car Converts, we supply conversion kits for any car that we’ve converted previously, and we’ve done more than a few, including multiple Land Rover electric conversions and even the occasional VW T2 campervan. 

Bear in mind that few people will have the technical know-how to undertake an end-to-end electric car conversion by themselves. A reputable classic electric car conversion specialist can help you install a conversion kit, or even complete the full conversion process for you. 

Our Expertise in Electric Car Conversions

Our dedicated team of engineers are big believers in the promise of electric vehicles and are excited about combining this potential with our first major love – classic cars. Between us, we have a wealth of experience in car mechanics and the restoration process, plus the specialist skills needed to convert a classic car to electric, like electrical engineering! 

We’ve refined our conversion process over several builds, including our founder’s Defender electric conversion. Nowadays, our classic car EV conversion process is a well-oiled machine. We’ve done our homework and have planned and tested all the complex wiring and systems design work that goes into electric car conversions. You’ll reap the benefits as all we need to do is lift and drop into your vehicle. 

The Benefits of Going Electric

There are many reasons to go electric aside from reduced CO2 emissions, which is the main driver behind why world governments are accelerating the transition. 

Perhaps the next most appealing benefit is the reduced running costs associated with EVs. When you switch to electric, you’re no longer at the mercy of rising petrol pump prices. Electric cars are cheaper to run day-to-day, especially if you charge up with a renewable energy source, like solar. While Sussex doesn’t currently have an Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) in place, investing in an EV conversion means you won’t be faced with a fee when one does come in, or when you travel outside of the county. 

 In addition to lower running costs, EVs also benefit from simplified maintenance – something that owners of older heritage cars can appreciate! Electric cars have fewer moving parts, so there’s less to go wrong. Convert your classic to electric and you’ll do away with the need to change belts, oil, or filters. 

 Of course, the best benefit of converting your classic car to electric is that you can extend the usable lifespan of your favourite car, increasing your enjoyment as well as its value. 

Arrange an Electric Car Conversion in Sussex

At Electric Car Converts, we provide a professional conversion service, customised to your classic car’s needs and your budget. From installation of your new electric battery to a respray, we take care of every step of the electric retrofit so you drive out of our garage in a roadworthy classic EV. Be part of the movement towards electric vehicles and schedule an electric car conversion today. Convert your car into an environmentally friendly electric powerhouse, decreasing emissions and embracing a sustainable tomorrow. Get in touch with us now to begin your journey towards a cleaner and more eco-conscious driving adventure.