Pricing and Options

Pricing and Options

For Electric Land Rovers

At Electric Car Converts we are proud to be completely transparent about our pricing, and that’s because it’s industry leading. We’ve found a way to offer the lowest cost Land Rover electric conversions and kits available on the market, whilst using only the highest quality components. We’ve been able to do this by standardising our conversions into a few options, they fit all Land Rovers and crucially we can produce them quickly and efficiently, keeping costs to a minimum.

How Much Does An Electric Car Conversion Cost?

       At Electric Car Converts, our in-house conversions and kits start at £50,000 for our standard-range system (55kWh) and go up to £73,500 for our long-range battery pack (110kWh). We understand that your electric Land Rover dream is unique and specific to you, so beyond your range requirements our team will help you tailor your electric conversion to your exact Land Rover, giving you exactly what you want out of the vehicle, for the right price. Whether it’s a classic Series 2a or a more modern Defender, we can build an EV conversion for you.
       Despite being known for our highly professional build quality and our use of industry-leading parts and components, we are committed to offering competitive pricing. Our goal is to make electric vehicle conversions accessible to a broader audience, encouraging eco-friendly transportation while preserving the charm and functionality of iconic Land Rovers.
Below is some more pricing detail:

Our Standard System



5.2 Seconds


280 Horsepower


150-300 Miles

Standard RangeLong Range
MotorTelsa Model 3 (280 Horsepower)Telsa Model 3 (280 Horsepower)
DrivetrainPowers Differentials DirectlyPowers Differentials Directly
0-60mph Time (seconds)5.25.4
Battery PackFellten UBP55EFellten UBP55E + 55kWh Seat Box
Range (Miles)150300
Charging Capability (kW)70kW DC Rapid + 6.6kW AC70kW DC Rapid + 6.6kW AC
0-100% Time (EV Charge Point)70kW DC Rapid + 6.6kW AC70kW DC Rapid + 6.6kW AC
Price Including VAT£60,000£88,200

All Conversions Include as Standard

  • All Conversion Parts and Labour
  • 2 Year or 50,000 Mile Warranty
  • Power Assisted Steering (Hydraulic)
  • High Voltage Heating
  • Full Gauge Cluster
  • Ongoing Post Conversion Support


Optional Extras

  • Vehicle to Grid Bi-Directional Charging System – £4,000
  • Tesla Ibooster Braking System – £2,000
  • Upgraded Power Assisted Steering (Electric) – £2,000
  • Limited Slip Tesla Motor Differential – £2,000
  • Electronic Push Button Handbrake – £1,500
  • Diagnostics Laptop and Software – £200
  • Air-Conditioning – POA
  • Non-Conversion Labour (interior, mechanical etc) – £80/hr
  • Vehicle Collection and Return (UK) – £1.50/mile
  • Kit Worldwide Shipping Estimate – £1500

Sourcing a Vehicle:

       The pricing above is for the electric conversion of a vehicle, without the donor vehicle included. If you do not already own a donor vehicle, we can help you find one suitable.

       We’re well versed in the buying and selling of Land Rovers, so we know what to look out for, and what to avoid. With this knowledge we can help you find the best one for your needs, that needs little to no work, and will last a lifetime.

       All we need from you is a rough specification of what you’re looking for, things like a colour, roof type, interior design etc (although remember all of this can be changed!). 

       Sourcing a donor vehicle is something that we do in close conjunction with you, and is done free of charge for all conversion clients – it’s all part of the service.