Why Electric Car Converts

We Electrify For Passion and Sustainability Over Profit.


       We strongly believe in our humble beginnings: making electric conversions as affordable as possible, to increase the number of electric vehicles on the road, yet keep our much loved Land Rovers living on. 

       Our founder electrified his Land Rover Defender at home after being quoted six-figures for it to be done professionally. This DIY conversion was a crucial pillar in the development of a now robust selection of Land Rover conversion systems, at less than a third of the cost.

       It all started for the love of Land Rovers, and continues on this trajectory. 

       The electrification industry is niche and specialised, where only a handful of engineers and companies have developed a professional solution. This has lead to high demand, low supply and therefore a high cost.

       At Electric Car Converts we’re moving the industry forward by standardising our product, building more efficiently and therefore lowering the cost of electrification. This is not done through lesser technology or components, but through focussing on why we began.

So that Land Rovers can continue to be enjoyed, without the £100,000 price tag.