Why Electric Car Converts

We Electrify For Sustainability Over Profit.

       We strongly believe in our humble beginnings: making electric conversions as affordable as possible, to increase the number of electric vehicles on the road.

       Our founder electrified his Land Rover Defender at home after being quoted six-figures for it to be done professionally, he is now extending this lower cost solution to other classic car owners.

       The electrification industry is niche and specialised, where only a handful of engineers have developed a professional solution. This has lead to high demand, low supply and therefore a high cost.

       At Electric Car Converts we’re moving the industry forward by bringing the cost of electrification down to a level where it’s comparable to that of a new electric vehicle purchase. This is not done through lesser technology or components, but through focussing on why we began.

Think of Electrification as a Spectrum.

       It begins with a simple, low cost solution – turning the original gearbox and therefore drivetrain of a vehicle with a modest motor and conservative battery pack.

       This spectrum extends to a full mechanical and cosmetic restoration of a vehicle in addition to a high-powered electric drivetrain, extensive battery pack and rapid charging capability.

       Everything in-between is also possible.

       We believe this is what makes us unique in the industry. Yes we will build a painstakingly restored classic with hundreds of horsepower and hundreds of miles of range – but we will also electrify conservatively, on a smaller budget, for the every day classic car enthusiast.