Meet The Team

Founder & CEO

Barnaby Birkbeck

       A big dreamer, Barnaby is the entrepreneur behind the creation of ECC. After growing tired of continually repairing and rebuilding the diesel in his 80's Land Rover Defender, he converted it to electric in his garage at home. From the moment it first rolled out the driveway, the business was born.

       Now with a team around him, Barnaby runs the day to day of the company. Whether that be talking to prospective clients about potential conversion solutions, creating marketing content or crunching the numbers, Barnaby has plenty to do on his laptop - but that's not where he wants to be.

       Barnaby is happiest in his role as our electrical engineer, knowing his way around 100 wire wiring diagrams, dealing with 100's of volts in "big fat" HV cable and the computer systems that our cars run off.


Head of Engineering

Toby Wilson

       Our go to for most things in the workshop, Toby's expertise in mechanical engineering is utilized throughout the design and build of all of our conversions. His responsibilities range from deciding where battery packs will be mounted, to making sure that 300+ horsepower of Tesla motor is held down tightly.

       An expert in CAD (or Computer Aided Design), Toby is also in charge of drawing components for laser cutting and CNC machining. This could be heater box blanks, gearbox adapter plates/couplers or motor mounts, for example.

       This on top of being a fabricator, a welder, a wiring specialist and a mechanic - it's no wonder Toby runs our engineering team.

Sales Director

Oliver Hall

       In charge of selling conversions, Oli is constantly coming up with new ways to make sure his inbox is always full! Whether this be setting up exhibits at classic car shows, getting our stories into magazines or getting our videos seen by the masses.

        From a motorsport background, Oli is excited by anything that burns petrol and makes lots of noise, but as a now EV convert, Oli will be happy to share how much fun electric classics are! 

        So when you first get in touch with us, expect to hear from Oli who will explain how it all works, pricing, lead times, waiting lists and the majority of the technical aspects of our conversions.

Fabrication Engineer

Ryan Moss

       Our master of the welding torch, Ryan is no stranger to TIG or MIG, Aluminium or Steel. No matter the thickness, no matter the complexity, Ryan can weld it strong and beautiful. We do a lot of welding, so Ryan's usually busy on the welding bench.

       But after rebuilding the entire wiring loom in his MX-5, Ryan is also the person for any 12 volt wiring jobs. He wires up switches on the dash, finds dodgy grounds and routes wiring throughout the cars.

       A bit of a Jack of all trades, Ryan is crucial to all of the conversions at ECC - he's always getting stuck in with engine removals, painting, and testing too.