Land Rover Conversion Kits

Land Rover Electric Conversion Kits

Available for Land Rover Defenders, Range Rover Classics and Series 1, 2 & 3’s.

Our Land Rover electrification business is booming. We convert two cars every month and have got an order book that seems to be never ending. To speed things up and get more of our EV converted Land Rovers on the road, as well as to cater for our overseas clients, we’ve started making Land Rover electric conversion kits.

Our EV conversion kits are built in our factory in the UK and shipped to Land Rover owners, restorers and mechanics all over the world. The kits we produce are identical copies of the conversions that we build in house, so even in kit form you are getting a conversion that is built and designed by the leaders in the electrification of Land Rovers, us.

Bolt In. Plug in.

No designing, welding, cutting, drilling, plumbing or wiring required.

Simply bolt in the battery box and motor, plug the wiring looms into one another, connect the cooling loops and drive. And we mean this. There are numerous kits on the market which are simply a collection of parts, our kits are not this, they’re fully working systems that have been fully tested. Every last detail has been considered, even down to the exact length that each cooling hose needs to be, so don’t expect to do any work yourself!

We’ve done all the hard stuff, you just need to install it.

Installing one of our electric Land Rover/Defender kits will take a couple of days and although you will have everything you need (even down to every last bolt), you will need some equipment to install it, things such as an engine crane and a gearbox jack – so you may want to enlist the help of your local mechanic.

You may wish to have our experts install your kit for you once it arrives with you, for this we are more than happy to fly our engineers to you, to get it installed and working in your car in as little time as possible.


High Power, Low Power? Long Range, Short Range? Fast Charging, Slow Charging?

The same options that are available for our in-house conversions are also available in our kits. The options mostly come down to the motor used, whether that be the 120 horsepower Hyper9 motor, or the 280-450 horsepower Tesla motors. Have a think what it is you’re looking for our of your electric car conversion kit, and look through the following options to help you decide:

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