Head of Engineering

Toby Wilson


Professional Background

Our go to for most things in the workshop, Toby’s expertise in mechanical engineering, which stemmed from his time at the University of Bristol, is utilized throughout the design and build of all of our conversions. His main role is to take various EV components such as motors or battery modules, and work out how they will mount in the various vehicles and kits that we build everyday. Of course Land Rovers were not designed for electric powertrains, so this is no small task!

After requesting the company buy a CNC Plasma Cutter, Toby’s efficiency skyrocketed as his role became more CAD focussed. Now, once parts have been designed Toby can leave the machine to cut even the most intricate shape out of 5mm steel. Once cut, his fabrication team weld, drill and tap the various parts, turning a computer model into, for example, a Tesla motor mount which can withstand 420Nm of torque! 

Beyond his work in parts and systems design and CAD he works with Barnaby on high-level business decisions, has a strong relationship with our clients and uses his all-round knowledge of our products to help in other departments in the day-to-day too (wiring, mechanics, welding, etc!).

Toby has been with us for a year and a half and is a crucial member of the team. 

Personal Interests

Toby came from the high-performance motorcycle industry and it’s clear that this is still very much a part of his non-work life. Restoring and rebuilding Ducatti’s from his high-tech home workshop keeps him busy after hours, leaving him the weekends to ride them! Beyond this, his Beagle, Chilli keeps him on his toes and wanting to further explore the Sussex countryside.