Range Rover Classic

Range Rover Classic

1991 Classic 4 Door


£28,000 to £50,000

This exact car was £50,000

Built Q2 2023

This largely original Range Rover Classic was one of the last off the production line in 1991. After 20+ years of the Range Rover, they’d really got them comfortable – this one with a teddy bear interior, still in near perfect condition. That, with its ‘modern classic’ looks made this car a special one worth the investment. It lives in Clapham, London and with its original diesel was subject to ULEZ and road tax, now however it is not, it’s fully electric, emission free, pretty much free to run and the perfect city vehicle!

Acceleration (0-60)

5.2 Seconds


280 Horsepower


150+ Miles

Range Rover

Range Rover Classic

Classic 4 Door


Electric ConversionOriginal Petrol Engine
Power280 Horsepower119 Horsepower
Acceleration (0-60mph)5 Seconds19.5 Seconds
Emissions04.5 Tonnes of CO2 per annum
ChargingCombined AC and DC Charging
Range150+ Miles


  • Tesla Model 3 motor longitudinally mounted in the gearbox tunnel, sending drive to front and rear differentials.
  • The Tesla motor is rebuilt with new internal gear sets, couplings and a new control system.

Battery Pack:

  • 55kWh of brand new batteries are mounted in the engine bay in a purpose built battery box.
  • Batteries run at 350 volts, are water cooled and monitored using state of the art battery management systems.


  • Charging is possible from any EV charge point, as well as from a 3-pin plug at home.
  • Super fast DC charging allows for a 45 minute full charge.
  • Standard AC charging allows for a 8 hour full charge.

Further Information:

  • Regenerative braking input controlled by brake pedal.
  • Steering upgraded to electric power steering.
  • Gauges swapped for custom made dials, showing speed and state of charge.
  • 3kW heater provides cabin heating through original ducting.
  • Chassis was restored, cleaned and undersealed.
  • Built: Q2 2023


Land Rover Conversion
Land Rover Conversion
Land Rover Conversion
Land Rover Conversion
Land Rover Conversion