Defender 90

Defender 90

1999 TD5


£33,000 to £50,000

This exact car was £50,000

Built Q3 2023.

       This standard Defender TD5 is now powered by electric goodness, in the form of a Tesla Model 3 motor. Its owner came to us having never owned a Land Rover before, so we went out and purchased the donor vehicle on his behalf, electrified it and now he drives it in and out of London on a regular basis, ULEZ and tax free! Cosmetic upgrades are upcoming, as is a full respray, so it won’t be long until this is a fully restored electric Defender, one of the few in the world!

Acceleration (0-60)

5 Seconds


280 Horsepower


150 Miles

Range Rover

Land Rover Defender

Short wheel base county back



Electric ConversionOriginal Petrol Engine
Power280 Horsepower120 Horsepower
Acceleration (0-60mph)5.4 Seconds16 Seconds
Emissions04.5 Tonnes of CO2 per annum
ChargingCombined AC and DC Charging
Range150 Miles


  • Tesla Model 3 motor longitudinally mounted in the gearbox tunnel, sending drive to front and rear differentials.
  • The Tesla motor is rebuilt with new internal gear sets, couplings and a new inverter.

Battery Pack:

  • 55kWh of brand new batteries are mounted in the engine bay in a purpose built battery box.
  • Batteries run at 350 volts, are water cooled and monitored using state of the art battery management systems.


  • Charging is possible from any EV charge point, as well as from a 3-pin plug at home.
  • Super fast DC charging allows for a 45 minute full charge.
  • Standard AC charging allows for a 8 hour full charge.

Further Information:

  • Regenerative braking input controlled by brake pedal.
  • Steering upgraded to electric power steering.
  • Gauges swapped for custom made dials, showing speed, current, temperature, and state of charge.
  • 3kW heater provides cabin heating through original ducting.
  • Interior and exterior refurbishments upcoming. 
  • Built: Q3 2023


Land Rover Conversion
Land Rover Conversion
Land Rover Conversion
Land Rover Conversion
Land Rover Conversion
Land Rover Conversion
Land Rover Conversion
Land Rover Conversion