Electric Car Conversions in Hertfordshire

Transform Your Vintage Car into Electric in Hertfordshire

Lush, green landscapes. Stately homes. Famous studios. Coupled with the region’s excellent transport connections with places like London and Leeds, these are just some of the reasons why people choose to live in and visit Hertfordshire. 

 With over 500 public charge points available, EV owners are finding it easier than ever to explore this idyllic county to the north of London. Hertfordshire County Council has drafted its “EV Charging Strategy”, to meet the UK Government’s target that 80% of all new cars will be electric by 2030. 

 The strategy prioritises the implementation of off-street charging points within council-owned car parks, noting that there are around 26,000 parking spaces across 400 car parks. The EV revolution is well underway in parts of the county, with Dacorum Borough Council recently securing over £400,000 of Government funding to do just that. 

 Electrified transportation is the future, but classic car owners needn’t worry about their cars being rendered obsolete. Vintage vehicles are an important part of British heritage, reminding us of bygone days, so we believe that classic cars deserve to be brought up-to-date with an electric car conversion. Turning your car into an electric classic car keeps it on the road and ensures it can be enjoyed for generations to come. 

Discover Electric Conversion Kits and Classic Car Conversions

A classic car EV conversion sounds simple on paper. Take out the engine, remove the fuel tank and strip out anything else you don’t need to make room for an EV battery. 

 In reality, there are multiple ways to convert an old car to electric. The most convenient (and safest) way to undertake a classic car electric conversion is via a specialist company. Not only will they have the technical know-how but any work completed will be under warranty, giving you added reassurance. 

 Alternatively, you may prefer to source an electric conversion kit. These ready-made kits include everything you’ll need for the conversion process, including the battery and all the wiring. Even so, installing the kit requires proficiency in mechanics and electrical engineering. At Electric Car Converts, we can supply and install electric conversion kits for all the cars we’ve retrofitted previously, including Volkswagen Karmann Ghia and classic Land Rover electric conversions. 

Our Expertise in Converting Cars to Electric Power

Vintage cars are more than a means of getting from A to B. They’re a way of life and an investment. You’ve poured time and money into the restoration and upkeep of your vehicle, which means you want assurance that anyone who handles your car will treat it with the same love and respect you do.

 Electric car conversions are a growing, but still relatively niche market. Classic car electric conversions are even more so. 

 We combine our passion for the classics with our expertise in the conversion process. To convert your classic car to electric, we start by learning all about your car and your expectations. Once we understand how you plan to use your heritage vehicle, be it city driving or cross-country trips, we’ll suggest suitable motors and set to work.

 Our team has installed electric drivetrains on a vast range of car makes and models. Particular favourites are Campervan, Range Rover, and Land Rover electric conversions, as these vehicles have plenty of space to house a sizable battery that can deliver phenomenal ranges. 

Benefits of Transitioning to Electric Vehicles

The cost of an electric car conversion can be easier on the wallet than the price tag accompanying a brand-new EV. In our opinion, it’s well worth the investment since your car will enjoy an extended lifespan, stop guzzling fuel, and contribute zero gas emissions. 

 Removing the original engine and associated parts considerably simplifies the mechanics of your vintage vehicle. The net outcome is a car that’s easier and cheaper to maintain, enabling you to divert your funds to restoring the more visible elements of your classic car, such as the interior vinyl or the wheels.

 For those Hertfordshire drivers who live on the border of London, transitioning to an electric car means you’ll be able to zip across the county line without the stress of paying the ULEZ charges.

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Whether you’re looking to convert a classic Land Rover or something more bespoke, Electric Car Converts can help. We’re on a mission to get more electric classics on the UK’s roads and would love to share our expertise with you.